Do you want to choose the badminton racket that best suits your style of play?

Whether flexible, semi-rigid or rigid, with a neutral weight, head light or head heavy weighted, we have the badminton racket you need.

Each Babolat badminton racket that makes up the range is built to meet the needs of players and give maximum feel, control and power during games.

  • Badminton rackets for children:

The Junior badminton racket and the Minibad badminton racket are suitable for children from an early age so that they can learn badminton in an easy and fun way with a shortened badminton racket.

  • Badminton rackets for beginners and club players:

The Explorer badminton racket is the first racket to get to know badminton and get started. The badminton rackets I-pulse, Prime, S-Series and Nitro allow the player to find a racket really suited to his/her game to highlight his/her strengths.

  • Badminton rackets for intensive players:

The X-Feel Origin badminton racket is the perfect racket for experienced players looking for the perfect balance between precision, control and power. This badminton racket is available in several variants depending on the in game benefits provided

The Satellite Gravity badminton racket is dedicated to the player looking for sensation and responsiveness. Its ultra lightness offers a unique handling for a smooth game.

  • Badminton rackets for competitive players:

The X-Feel badminton racket is the racket that offers an ultimate feeling at the highest level, offering high resistance to high string tensions, its aerodynamics gives it optimal air penetration.


Babolat has always championned the development of Badminton, and supplied the equipment to players since 1875, moving the sport forward and paving the way for future innovation.

Babolat is among the top 5 badminton brands in Europe and is co-leader on the French market.