A range of junior/kids tennis racket, suitable for each stage in the child’s learning process.

> How to choose the right junior/kids tennis racket?
Choosing the right racket is crucial for juniors to enjoy tennis and improve their game.
When choosing a racket for a young tennis player, the two most important factors are the racket material and the racket size.

> How to chose the racket material ?
Choosing the proper racket material depends on the kids level:

    Aluminum rackets are lightweight and feature larger head sizes, making tennis easier to learn and more fun.

    Graphite composite rackets feature graphite core and aluminum heads, providing an ideal balance of performance and playability as the junior’s game improves.

    Full graphite rackets are a replica of adult racket sized to junior needs, providing advanced juniors the power and precision to perform at the highest level and prepare for  their transition to adult rackets.

> How to chose the racket size ?


Tip: if a junior is just beginning and on the border of two racket sizes, the smaller racket will make it easier to learn to play tennis.