The performance badminton rackets range is designed for keencompetitive playerswho play frequently and have a clear target for improvementThey want to express their performance and their playing style through their badminton performance rackets. 

  • Badminton rackets for intensive players:

The X-Feel Origin badminton racket is the perfect racket for experienced players looking for the perfect balance between precision, control and power. This badminton racket is available in several variants depending on the in game benefits provided

The Satellite Gravity badminton racket is dedicated to the player looking for sensation and responsiveness. Its ultra lightness offers a unique handling for a smooth game.

  • Badminton rackets for competitive players:

The X-Feel badminton racket is the racket that offers an ultimate feeling at the highest level, offering high resistance to high string tensions, its aerodynamics gives it optimal air penetration.