Often referred as “the engine of the racket”, strings account for 50% of the racket performance and are essential to play the perfect tennis shot. As the inventor and first producer of tennis strings more than 144 years ago, Babolat is constantly innovating to provide players with the most suited strings for their game.

If players are always looking for control, power and durability, new trends have emerged in the modern game making spin, comfort and feel the tennis players new priorities.

> How to choose your strings ?

  • Natural Gut:
    The ultimate string, it outperforms all other options. Thanks to its natural elasticity, it provides exceptional power, comfort and tension hold.

  • Hybrid strings:
    The mains provide durability and topspin. The crosses provide power and comfort. By adding up the advantages of each type of string, countless combinations become possible to meet all players’ various needs.

  • Multifilament:
    The twisted core gives the string more elasticity and flexibility. The central core is then protected by one or several coatings. The main characteristics: comfort, power and good tension hold.

  • Polyester monofilament:
    Thanks to their unique structure, monofilament strings are the stiffest of all. The main advantages are durability, control and topspin. The perfect choice for competitive players who want a responsive string that won’t break.

  • Polyamide monofilament:
    Created from a highly innovative natural polyamide, this string offers exceptional power and comfort in the category of synthetic strings.

  • Wrap:
    The central core makes the string tough and the swirl of surrounding filaments makes it flexible. Their main advantages: versatility.