Founded in Lyon, France 1875, Babolat invented racket strings and is the oldest company specializing in racket sports.

Babolat’s history is written through the encounters, ingenuity, talent and tenacity of exceptional people, and starts at the origins of tennis.

In 1875, just oHistory 4ne year after the birth of the game of tennis, the Englishman Bussey sought Pierre Babolat to ask if he could develop strings to fit his tennis racket frames. At that time, Pierre Babolat was head of the Babolat Company, well known for making strings used in musical instruments and natural gut casings for cooked meats.

Babolat became the inventor of strings
for tennis rackets. At the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of tennis continued to grow. At the same time, the first champions raised their level of expectation: they were looking for thinner strings and higher tensions.

History 1

1925: Albert Babolat had a strong influence on the history of tennis by developing the natural gut string “VS,” whose exceptional characteristics make it a mythical string.

VS strings combine power, comfort, and extraordinary tension hold.
The world’s benchmark for string was born!


History 3In the Babolat family, the willingness to innovate is definitely inscribed in the genes. Seventy-five years after the invention of the tennis string by his grandfather, Paul Babolat was well resolved to enter the game as well.

1955, he started the development of the first Babolat synthetic string. Around the world, the game of tennis was spreading. Babolat restructured to answer the demand and progressively introduced its international distribution network.

History 5
In 1994 and for three generations, the Babolat family has been competing in various fields, with a constant boldness and willingness. Pierre Babolat (the second of his name) knew that the brand had to surpass itself and was ready to take risks. In the middle of a tennis crisis, he took on a challenge: he created the first Babolat tennis racket frame, and therefore gave Babolat a new status. The Pure Drive racket then became the emblematic product of the brand.


History 2While each generation has made a contribution to tennis history, the 5th will be decisive. Eric Babolat knew it when he became head of the family company in 1998: from now on, to score, the only growth strategy would be to attack. After the launch of the first Babolat tennis balls in 2001, Babolat partnered with Michelin in 2003 to develop the first 100% tennis shoe. That same year, Babolat completed its tennis equipment offering for players with the introduction of a range of tennis apparel. Now players don’t only play with Babolat but in Babolat!
Building on its strong historical legitimacy, Babolat has established itself as a permanent source of innovation.

In 2013, Babolat invents the future of tennis by launching the “Babolat Play” racket, the first connected racket, which offers a new player experience thanks to sensors integrated in the racket.
In 2018, Babolat innovates in tennis shoes with the Jet Mach II, a performance tennis shoe incredibly supportive while being ultra-light.

Babolat also partners with legendary tennis brands including Roland-Garros and Wimbledon.
With the current CEO Eric Babolat, the brand brings tennis to a new era and offers all tennis lovers a new way to enjoy playing.

Today, Babolat can be found in more than 100 countries, 20 000 sporting goods stores and 20 000 partner clubs.

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