B’FLY 25 – Strung


B’FLY: a complete range of aluminum rackets specially designed for young players.
Aluminium rackets are lightweight and feature larger headsizes, making tennis easier to learn and more fun.
A colorful girls range to make learning tennis easy and attractive.


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B'Fly 25: from 9 years old and up (130-140 cm/ 51-55 IN)

The educational tools on this racket make it easier for kids to learn the fundamentals of tennis and improve quickly.

Rackets 25 and 23 are equipped with "Improvergrip" overgrips to help the player to learn the different grips while rackets 21 and 19 have the "Memogrip" system to help them to correctly position their hands on the handle. All the rackets come with the "Right Attitude" system which help the young athlete to learn how to position themselves in a active "waiting" position.



B FLY 19 - 0000- Strung 14

Available in 4 sizes according to the child's height:

  • 130-140cm / 51-55 IN: B'Fly 25
  • 120-130cm / 47-50 IN: B'Fly 23
  • 105-120cm / 41.5-47 IN: B'Fly 21
  • 90-105cm / 35.5-41.5 IN : B'Fly 19
Color Headsize Length Line
685 (cm²) / 106 (Sq.in) 635 mm / 25 in Kids


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B’FLY 25 – Strung


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