Strike G – Unstrung


The Pure Strike spirit that combines speed and maneuvrability.

Just like the Pure Strike line, the Strike G benefit from the Hybrid Frame Technology which gives precision and speed. Its weight of 270g combined with its headsize of 660cm² makes it the ideal racquet for intermediate-level player looking for speed and maneuverability.

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For regular tennis players looking for the right equipment with the same technologies and designs used in the rackets of top performance players.

  • Adapted performance with Full Graphite Construction & Woofer system.
    WOOFER TECHNOLOGY : the first and most effective frame-string link system : a longer ball/string contact time for greater control and a sensation of comfort
  • Adapted technology with frames inspired by Pure Strike section to enhance responsiveness.
    Forgiveness & maneuvrability with a larger headsize (102 & specs that are adapted to Game players.
  • Design inspired by the Pure range used by the pros, brought to everyday courts.


Color Level Stringing pattern Material Headsize Length Weight Balance Line
INTERMEDIATE 16/19 Graphite 660 (cm²) / 102 ( 685 mm / 27 in 270 g / 9.5 oz 330 mm GAME


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Strike G – Unstrung


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